OneDigital: New Creative Insurance Solutions for Employers
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OneDigital: New Creative Insurance Solutions for Employers

OneDigital New Creative Insurance Solutions for Employers

11 Jul OneDigital: New Creative Insurance Solutions for Employers

As just about every employer knows, from the massive restaurant industry to the small mom and pop business around the corner, finding and retaining high quality employees is one of the biggest challenges in business.

That being said, employers must always be on top of their games, must always be thinking of innovative ways to bring those employees in, and benefits are an important part of the equation.

Because we recognize this, Creative Insurance Solutions has partnered with OneDigital, an employee benefits company and HR solutions provider that is listed as 13th on the list of top 50 brokers in the larger employer group.

OneDigital’s experience gives the CIS team an ability to offer fresh-thinking and a strategic perspective that will improve all aspects of a business’ plan design and performance.

OneDigital maintains a close relationship with companies like Creative Insurance Solutions in order to provide affordable options to meet budgets and address the bottom line — which is a set of tools to help employees attract and retain a talented workforce.

With CIS and OneDigital, we make it simple because we have designed a dynamic portfolio of benefits with business and organizations like yours in mind.

Learn more about the new OneDigital offerings now available through CIS. Schedule a one-on-one consultation today.

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